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New member from Arkansas

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Cool to be apart of this forum, my names Matt A little about myself, Ive been a ford fan my whole life. My first car was a 86 fox that is soon being passed on to my older brother to be built. I have recently became the proud owner of a 98 GT that is... Well everything one would expect a 98 GT to be from south Ark/north LA. While as of right now im in the early stages of bringing this thing back to life as my daily I have big plans for it. You see before I actually bought the car I had a 2012 coyote pull out with 10k miles and a 03 cobra IRS. So eventually that will be going in my 98. So now that you know a little about myself and why Im here I guess I will continue this in a build thread or something of the sort. Once again, proud to be a member! 221C9214-5AAF-44FF-BDF8-B8FE7F7E3989_zps

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