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How to- Install hood pins on a SN95

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Mods I'm not sure if you want to make a sticky out of this but here it goes.

Hood Pin Install.

1. Open hood and remove factory hood bump stops from radiator support. Remove headlights.

2. The slot for the bump stops is a little narrower than the 1/2 hood pin so you will need to open it up a little.

3. Thread first nut onto hood pin intil it reaches the end of the threads.

4. Slide hood pins into holes and install lower nut (adjust height later)

5. with gear marking compound ( or something that doesnt dry to quick) mark the tips of the pins.

6. Slowly let the hood down until it rests on the pins.

7. Open hood back up and make sure there are 2 marks where the pins touched.

8. Drill a 5/8s hole up through the bottom of the hood ( besure to hold the drill perpendicular to the hood.

9) Lower hood back down and make sure pins line up with the holes.

!0) Close hood and see where the hole is in the pin in relation to the surface of the hood.

11) Make adjustments as needed to align hole correctly

12) After adjustments are made, reinstall headlights

13) Close hood, slide scuff plates over the pins and install onto the hood.

!4) Insert your clips and enjoy.

** I added a small piece of 5/8 air hose (1/2 I.D.) over the pins and set a washer on top to hold the hood up to match body lines with fender.**






Hope some of you find this info helpful.

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Here's the hidden hood pin install how-to. Although it probably adds peace of mind compared to no hood pins, it can't be as strong as traditionally-installed hood pins. I dig the look and the creativity though.

If you are like me and like the clean look of no hood pins but need them because of latch or hood problems, then this is a good solution.

Feel free to ask any questions and i will be glad to help.

With the hood down in its latched position, make a mark on the underside of the hood using the existing holes. (a nail or small punch works well)



Pop your hood and lay a towel or old bed sheet over the engine bay to keep the engine clean from drilling.


Use a drill bit that is close to the size of the pins you are using, in my case it was a 1/2.


Find the mark you made on the underside of the hood.


Drill the hole very carefully and slow, be sure not to hit the top side of the hood when you drill through.


On the back side drill another hole big enough to get your finger, wrench, or magnet through.


Have your pin setup with one bolt already on it and the stainless plate.


I used a magnet to hold the nut while i put it in the back hole and threaded the pin into the nut. (kinda tricky, just take your time)



Tighten the nuts until you have them in the desired length.


Then let the hood down and mark where the pins hit the headlight panel and drill oval shaped holes for the pins to fall through. (you will also have to cut the radiator cover. Excuse my chipping one, a new one is in the works.)


Then make sure the pin falls through the hole without touching the headlight panel and slide your pin in.


Repeat for the other side and your done :thumbsup:


Final Pics: This is so much cleaner then having exposed pins imo.




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