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Need Help Disabling Security System

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Me again, folks.

My Saleen came to me with some kind of security system, one of those starter kill/disable types where I need to press a remote button before I can crank the car. I get the feeling this nuisance didn't come from Saleen but from a previous owner whose job it was to annoy me with all kinds of little annoyances. I would just keep the system and deal with it but the dealership only provided me with one key and one remote for the security system and I've lost keys and remote before. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary under the.dash but it would help if I actually knew what I was looking for. I don't know any brand but I attached a picture of the remote. Not sure what to do when I actually find the thing, could use help. Thanks.

Here's the remote, uploaded from my phone which for some reason is turning them upside down...



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normally there has to be some type of box that controls all of that.  time to start looking for out of the ordinary crap :-/   you could check behind the glove box of behind a kick panel to see if anything is lurking, or under the knee bolster under the steering wheel.  id start there first.

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Not if its just a push button starter kill. Pretty simple device. Again, start with switch and trace from there.

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It's a key fob, not a physical switch on the dash or something

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The majority of the wiring for the security is easily hit and hidden in the drivers/passengers kick panels or in the trunk where the stock alarm was.  Pull Those out and I am willing to be you will find some aftermarket wiring that is easy enough to pull out.  Is there an actual starter kill that interrupts the starter wire or is it just a noise maker/siren?

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Nevermind and thanks, everybody. Not an hour after I posted this I found it. I stripped the panels inside and didn't see a thing, then I finally thought to check out the fuses. Turns out under the hood in the fuse box was the security module where the factory relay to the starter would be. Needless to say I replaced it with a spare Ford relay and problem solved. The whole system was nothing but the remote and the little black module no bigger than the factory relays. I completely overlooked it the first time, thought someone had just replaced one of the Ford pieces until I thought about what it went to, the starter...

Thanks again, guys

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