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Fathers day road trip disaster

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So i went on 5 hour trip this morning. 1 hour from my destination going up a small hill section of highway 74 i believe in nc my car kicked me outta fifth with a free rev i re-engadged 5th let out the clutch and nothing but free revs my first plan of action was 4th gear. Yay..i had 4th. So i then decide todo 40mph all the way back home. When i decided on a spot to do a u-turn.

I took it turnt around engadged first. Nothing but free rev. 2nd same story. 3rd same story. As of now i got the car back in 4th and proceeded the 175 miles back. Now i have it home idk whats goimg on.

Ive read a manual never just leaves you with one gear in a epic failure ecent because 1-2, 3-4, 5/r have there own shafts.

So what would be causing me to have no gears but 4th.

From talking to a seasoned local mechanic he said could be internal, could be shift fork or could be the shifter.

I have the console shift plste and shifter box outta the car. And sure enough old tranny fluid in the box was a bad sign.

What do you guys think happened.

Regardless of the fix im sure itll be costly from a 1200$ new crate transmission to 200-300 rebuilding the shifter. Ontop of that i know i need a new clutch now. I smelt it burning when i finally did get back home. Had tk come to a conplete stop 3 blocks from the house and had to rev it 3-4 and ease on the clutch to get it going againm 175 miles 1 way with only 4th and i only had to actually stop it once.

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I thought all this was to good to be true. I woke up this morning got into thr car and was fixing to drive lol.

Im working this morning but on lunch ima price the rebuild, a used one and the cheapest one i can find.

A local boneyard did have one with 45000 miles. Rear impact collision. 180$ its mine. Thats only with a 30 day warrenty, the one i seen on ebay had a 1 year 10000 mile warrenty and it was frrshened up and even painted for 450$.

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That really sucks, I'm sure that slipping the clutch to drive home with only 4th no doubt put the nail in its coffin. I don't have much input regarding losing 4 gears. I would investigate further for sure, I can't imagine that you broke the transmission, so I would tend to think along the lines of shift forks...

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Yea a tranny shop local said something about a cluster gear. But its at the fsr back so everything would have to come out. Ima get a junkyard tranny with low miles for 200. Get a warrenty on it for 15$ drive it for about 3 weeks get mine rebuikt and get my $ back on the other.

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honestly if the trans has miles under 100k, just run with it if youre relatively stock.  Im running a stock t45 behind my 4.6 dohc and I piss pound the shit out of it daily.  honestly just get the junkyard one with a new clutch, put it in, and call it a day. 

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Ok sounds good to me. I found one 100$ more for 275$ but this one i can drive around a bit before purchase. Its wreced so i cant get it on the road to test but jm sure i could figure out if its any good at 10 mph.

Got the manifold back exhaust out my way. Finally found my 02s ive been throwing a bank 1 upstream code and i looked didnt see them. I seen them with the exhaust out the way. So now would be the time to replace those with them out them being in the way.

All i got to do now is remove the driveshaft and cross member. Ive got all the bolts out the bellhousing so thats all thats holding it.

Any tips of driveshaft removal?

Ive scribed it in 2 spots so i know it goes back together properly. But im having a time getting the bolts out. Im end up using an air ratchet as soon as i get a chance to get a cheap walmart one.

sent from the unknown

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whenever i had to remove the d/s bolts I always used a box end wrench, with another wrench on that for leverage, also had the e-brake pulled.  


testing the trani doesnt take much before you buy it.  bring your shifter along with 4 bolts (assuming the trans is out of the car with no shifter), put your shifter on and run it through the gears.  


in neutral, hold the output shaft, and spin the input shaft by hand.  you should be able to spin the input shaft while the output shaft stays still

in first, spin the input shaft and the output shaft should spinslowly

in second do the same, the output shaft should spin a little faster

in third the output shaft should spin about the same speed as the input shaft

4th and 5th, the output shaft should spin faster

in reverse, the output shaft should spin in the opposite direction as the input shaft


obviously this won't give you all the answers, but at least you know all the gears are there and everything is somewhat working.

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Got some good news and bad news.

The good news is i got the transmission minus bellhousing out.

Bad news when i look inside the gear and shaft at the farthest bottom was mangeled. I only retrieved about 1.5 qrts out of it. Burnt smelling fluid. Had to be car oil i can tell difference between car oil and atf fluid.

Baf news is i wont be putting another tranny in. Im selling the sn95 asis with a good running backup tranny to a guy that has a mint condition 1979 f350 4x4 single wheel (not dually).

Big block 390. C6 tranny. 4x4. 56k original miles. Heads cam and intake work. 2500 stall. It will be my weekend driver(as i have a new ranger my company bought for working.)

So i hate to sell it but i work 14 hr days and when i get home i sleep so it isnt something that will kill my mpg just for a weekend driver.

My best friend had a 88gt 302 high output stroker to a 347. Full bolt ons just needs paint work for 2500$ i will be saving up for that(; so ill be back in the mustang game just the foxbody side.

Ill still be checking in daily and overseeing everything. I always learn something new when i pop in here so i will continue to lurk about.

Apprasial value on my v6 running and driving with 20" wheels and new lexani tires was 2400. Not driving its still worth 1700. So i agreed to the trader that i would at least get him a tranny and i found a mint condition 49k mile t5. Drove in with a rod knock. All the gears were firm and precisive for a 5 speed. New clutch as well. So ill post pics as soon as i meet him thursday.

sent from the unknown

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Good news im keeping the car and i got the low mileage unit. Im not going to change clutches right now. Ive swapped transmissions but never done clutch kits or service.

A local shop quoted me 300$ plus thr 150$ kit.

The deal fell thru with the f350. I always wanted a 350 single wheel but it was to built up. Accelerating from 2 red lights full throttle was 1/4th tank lol.

I did purchase me a 86 s10 single cab short bed. Originally had the v6 700r4 auto. V8 already transplanted jusg needed hooking up. Paid 1800$ for it and realised the only thing i was missing was a 05 z71 computer and harness(po was going carbed way but i fuel injected it.).

So im putting the tranny in tomorrow and finishing the s10. I did fire up the s10 before the top end swap and on off timing and a bad spark plugs i dusted the doors off a new gt mustang. Approx 10-2012.

Cant wait to finishing the wiring and put a bigger cam in it. As of now it runs 8.8 1/4th mile times at around 120-140. After my upgrades im shooting for 7 secs flat.

Week was pretty good got a early christmas bonus got my transmission and bought me the s10 for a daily driver. Picking up a cobra f/r bumper next week for my v6(:. Maybe ditxh the chrome 20"s for some 17" bullits.

sent from the unknown

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