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Been a very long time, made some changes..lots of pics.

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it has been forever since ive logged on and i have made some changes to the car.

I sold the bullitt wheels, which i have had for around 10years. was sad but sweet.
i went with silver fr500s, ive always liked the fr500, but with so many people running them i went with silver.
you dont see too many sets of silver fr's
before the mickey thompsons came

also i installed a set of aluminum gt40x heads and an f303 cam with some 3.73 gears.
after almost a year with the crappy noisy rocker arms, one of them just broke.

so i just took them all off and put the stockers back on. the bolt hole on the first valve on the drivers side was a little
buggered up so i used a slightly longer bolt to catch some threads.
after about 10 miles the bolt snapped off in the head.

i drilled it out and tapped it with a slightly larger hole. 

and the heilcoil

all was good for about 25 miles or so, i used a grade 8 bolt that i dont think was totally up to par. 
well it snapped too. 
i went to drill it out, and put an extractor in it. bad choice... it snapped

at this point i just know i ruined the head, i couldnt drill throught it.
i found some tungsten carbide dremel cutting bits with a tip, and worked it until i got it all. best $30 i ever spent.

on the way to the shop

here are a few vids.. the exhaust is offroad h pipe with flowmasters and the f303 cam


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Welcome back Josh! The car looks great as always. I feel for you on the snapped bolt/drill bit. The only thing worse than that is a snapped off tap... may God have mercy on the poor soul who breaks off a tap... lol

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