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Getting warm out here in 702...

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  hey guys,

Long time no post. Glad to be back! But I wish it was with good news. I recently got my AC charged up thinking I was going to start driving my stang around a little more often. A little about the car...Vortech supercharged, 3.73's, jba shorty headers, Griffin Rad. Im not sure how many cores...its pretty thick. Electric fan, 2 speed. both speeds work. Earlier in the year I cleaned the temperature sensor in the winter and the needle would either stay in the middle of "Normal" or hang out near the O or the R when I started moving. Now I expect a little rise in temp because this summer in Las Vegas, its been 108 with no end in sight so far in the month of june. But my needle has been floating near the M-A-L on the gauge. Ive been cycling the AC on and off and I try to keep the car moving as much as possible. It does come down a tad when i start moving, but not much. I had the cooling system serviced only 2500 miles ago and this is my sunday car. where should I start to see if I could get the temp more steady? Ive noticed the sn95 isnt very friendly with air flow availability on the front end. Reading up on this issue, seems like we all go through this. I want the cobra R bumper someday...it seems to have a bigger opening up front than the stock bumpers. Ideas and thoughts are appreciated!

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I have a old nitrous gauge that isnt being used by my brake handle.  The previous owner of the car realled liked to party I guess haha.  motor has been rebuilt since then.  2 and 5/8 in gauge is 100 bucks at least...fml

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the stock gauge is just a dummy light basically.  there is no true reading from it.  like others have said, get a real gauge on there first before saying that the car is getting hot.  

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