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The demise of the 98

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My husbands best friend took a look at the 98 and we came to the conclusion that it was a wipe out. I have found a white 98 to replace it and will use the best savagable of what my husband did to the wrecked one in the new one. It was a hard decision but the best one. It was just to warped for repair and even the drivers door replacement would fit right. The body is good on the replacement car but it needs engine work and interior work and will be a good stater car for experience. I will get pictures up of the start of the rebuild when I get time and will be looking to make it more powerful without getting to carried away. Right now everything on the car is stock so updates will be made available when time allows.

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Lol truth.. 5'10" 225 I'm a fatty.. Lol

Anyway back on topic good luck with this any pics of the old car, and if it's just a shell does it have a clear non salvaged title...

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Its was totaled out but in TN I could get a clear rebuild title. I would just have to give disclosure if I sold it which is isn't going to happen. I am keeping it forever I just can't bring myself to ever sell anything on it. As for pictures he has a lot on him computer and I haven't been able to look at them yet. I am sure in time I will.

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