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2015 MW SN95 Cruise - By Keplinger Designs

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wish i would have made that  :(


my exhaust was getting out of control and i just wanted to get the car back home and fix it lol. next year i'm in 100%

If the Cobra is ready next year I'll be in also.  If not then I'll be in the Foxbody Cruise with the notch.  

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What happened to your exhaust!?!?

This message courtesy of crapatalk!

broke the 2 flanges that connect the xpipe to the catback from hitting a hump in the road. fixed it there kinda but it kept coming loose so i parked the car the last couple days and just went home saturday morning

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Wtf?!? How'd you do that?!?!?

That hump must of bn huge!!!!

This message courtesy of crapatalk!


or maybe?!?!?! i sit a tad low?!!!!??!!!?!?! 


needs more low still!!!!!!!


air ride asap!!!!!!!!!!!


this message courtesy of an hp laptop!!!!

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