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Corbeau Harness Bar - Binding

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Hey guys,
Recently bought a used harness bar and got it powder coated. I love the way it looks!

Before anyone lectures me on safety of harness bar vs cage... I don't really plan on using it. I want it for appearance and to starting point to fabricate a camera mount of road trips. I rarely track my car and don't go hard, hoping to get a track dedicated car down the road.

My understanding was the bar would allow you to used the factory belts for street use. When I've installed the bar I find it just binds up my factory belts and makes them totally useless. I'm pretty sure I've followed all the instructions and installed it correctly. Edit: I should clarify that the belt loop is able to rotate, the binding seems to happen on the back side of the bar where the belt comes out of the panel up the bolt on the pillar. There's enough contact that it won't allow the belt to retract/tension.

Anyone else experience this? Solution?

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I removed the bar because I couldn't drive it with the way the seat belts were.
The red arrow is where it seems to bind up the belt. The blue arrow is the top connector and that is able to rotate similarly to how it does factory.



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Can you rotate the bar to give more clearance between it and the seatbelt.  It looks to me that loosening up where the bar sandwiches between the seatbelt mount and car can be loosened and rotated (counterclockwise on the drivers side, clockwise on passenger).  Then the lower vertical bars will need adjusted and possible stand up straighter.  I have no experience with this bar but it looks like all the connections allow for some movement.  If it is possible can you put the horizontal bar in first and rotate it off the rear part of the seatbelt where the belt travels behind the interior panel, it shouldn't effect anything if the forward part of the seatbelt is resting on the bar.  Then once the belt retracts normally you can tighten it down and install the vertical support bars.

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I think I figured it out, I just needed some more time to adjust the supporting bars. I thought they were just there for support so just adjust them so they match up and put them in tension. They really are need to pull the bar forward so it doesn't rub the seatbelt. will update build thread.

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