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Theft Light Flashing...

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Ill make this as short as possible. Cars a 1997 Cobra

The engine harness has wires exposed because the stock wire loom cracked and fell off. So to make it look a little cleaner under the hood i unhooked the battery. Then removed the 10mm bolt and unplugged the harnedd. Cleaned it up and wraped it with new E-tape and pluged it back in tightened the bolt and then hooked up the battery.

Turn the key on, Theft light is flashing.

Car starts fine, Theft light still flashing.

Drive the car about a mile and the Theft light is off the entire time im driving, car runs/drives normal.

Weird since i always thought when the theft light is flashing the car will not start at all. But its been 2 days and all is well with the car besides this damn light. Maybe i should just shut the PATs off in the tune?

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