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My '03 Cobra.. Some progress.

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I've had the car for a little over two weeks, it has made some progress in my eyes. The previous owner had a black and red theme going. Thats not my thing so i removed some stickers and bumper inserts, also replacing the smoked tail lights for some OEM tails. Also modified the stock hood vents for better cooling and looks.

heres the mod list.

BA2800 MAF

Maximum Motorsports IRS Bushings Package, Camber/Caster Plates

H&R race Springs

K&N Filter

Fluidine Heat Exchanger

Kenne bell 2.2 Twin Screw Supercharger

Metco Idlers

4# Lower Pulley

3.5" Upper Pulley

Intercooler Coolant Tank

Cobra R Rims - 9in" Fronts, 10in" Rears

Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

Autometer Boost Gauge

Innovate Wideband

GlowShift Digital Boost Gauge

Autometer Narrowband

Steeda Triax Shifter

Stage 3 Clutch

Line lock

Custom Headrests

Sct Xcal 3 tuner

Boost a Spark

Boost a Pump

Lethal Performance Boost a Pump Upgrade Kit

Steel Rear Differential Cover

MagnaFlow Exhaust

Short Tube Headers

Black Chrome Rolled Exhaust Tips

60# injectors

I have a few pictures.

hood vents, cut every other one.


in paint


tail lights




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You're so lucky! Had a nice GT then a sweet Mach, and now a badass Cobra, I love Termis! Car looks badass anymore pictures of it? I like the matte black bumper insert idea, matte black on gloss black is subtle but oh so sexy, Black Mach 1s case in point.

here are some more pics http://www.sn95source.com/showthread.php?994-Got-some-daytime-pictures-of-the-new-whip!

i have this in my head.


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Not a fan of the black lettering or chrome, I personally like the silverish look. Stands out enough and is not too "busy". I think mine looked pretty legit.


thread jack, Luis is that a concept Bullitt wing?
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nice looking car! almost 10 years later and the 03-04's are still on top.

That's the truth. I think the terminator will go down as one of the most popular stangs ever. I still believe that it's one of the best. The new Shelby's are impressive but not my style at all.

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thread jack, Luis is that a concept Bullitt wing?

Sorry I missed this. Yes, its an MRT B Wing (Bullitt Concept). After the accident I lost all hope in finding another but alas, ReaperStang79 from here had one that really didn't want to sell it but did to me. Looks pretty legit on the GT now.

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