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Went to the track last night

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atta boy hes getting it down now, did he get a front end travel limit kit? getting a car dialed in is such an arduos process. Getting the right extension speed and then having it compress fast enough to were its not bucking is a bitch for sure. Also he should look into welding some header savers onto his K member if he still keeps picking em up like that, rather smash the savers than the headers you know.

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im assuming they have adjustable struts and shocks with coil overs out front atleast right? there is a great article in this months Fastest Street Car on tuning your struts/shocks I recomend people read it as it outlines really the way to go about doing it with adjustables. Not hard by any means just time consuming plenty of runs will be needed. Frankly until he nails the first 330 down with a solid launch I wouldnt be going to the floor with it on the top as it could get squirelly and it looks like it does. But thats just my opinion other than that he has a nice ride and best of luck to him =) Betcha that makes you wanna build a monster when you watch him run huh lol.

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