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PB - 9.11 @ 148 w/ a lil wheelie

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Went to the 1/4 Friday night and the 1/8 today to work on the 60s. Still base tuneup, 20psi yadda yadda. Air was so so friday night around 1300 feet.....today at the 1/8 it was in the 1800 range. Had the chute put on this week too and they adjusted my pinion and shocks to what they wanted to see. Went a 9.21 @ 148 the first pass. Took one click out of the rear shocks and this happened next pass. I had NO video and luckily someone posted this on my FB page today....

Wasnt expecting this!

that was a


5.81 @ 118.98

9.11 @ 148

a couple weeks ago I went 5.81 @ 120.xx in better air on a 1.34 so that shows how bad the air was.

Today at the 1/8 I changed a couple things but was bracket racing so didnt go too crazy. 60s were all over the place but I did get a slip with a 1.28 60'!!! It went 5.84 @ 118 on that pass steering it. So still making progress.... pics of chute (Thanks Harold...lol)



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