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Why did I go so lean?

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Just a little background on the car, 95 Mustang GT 302 with Trickflow track heat top end and Procharger D1SC, 50# Bosch injectors, matching Pro M maf, 340 lph fuel pump, tuned with Moates QH. This was pretty much a ground up build using new everything minus the low mile S/C. I put it all together and got an email tune from dirtydirtyracing. Car started and ran ok but had a choppy throttle pull, it would break up and then accelerate like a beast on the top end. I had a buddy look at the tune while we cruised and said that one of my o2 sensors wasn't reading right. The car sat for a while and this past weekend I changed out the sensors and switched my plugs from a one step colder autolite copper gapped at .034 to a 1 step colder non projected NGK plug gapped at .023 since that's what Bob Kurgan recommended for my app. I also noticed that one of my wire boots wasn't seated properly on the spark plugs and made sure they all clicked once I put them back on. Bob is tuning my car in November but until then I'm trying to sort out any problems that may arise. Well I went around the block a couple of times and noticed that the throttle response was a lot smoother but it was running really lean according to my A/F gauge and it didn't seem to have as much power. Then I started to see a lot of smoke coming from the engine bay, I pulled over, made sure the car wasn't on fire and then I opened the hood to find the powder coating on the EGR smoking/melting. So I'm guessing the headers got hot enough to melt the p/c, the problem is I can't figure out why and it doesn't help that I have no idea how to use Binary Editor other than to write a tune to QH. Any ideas?

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