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KennyGT's 01 mustang.

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7 years ago, i found this black with tan interior 01 GT with a 3650 5sp for 7,900 and 75k miles. first pictures after wash and wax with 330cube's 98 npi gt



This thing was bone stock down to the paper filter and stock exhaust. it's first trip down the track netted me 2.2 60' 14.2@100mph... First stick shift car aswell :D

Got me a deal for a set of magnaflow mufflers with hangers flow tubes and dumped already. Chopped my old exhaust off[biggest mistake ever] and bolt this one up. Next day ran into someone wanting to trader my stock cats for his h-pipe. Don't mind if i do. This was the result.


GTS blacksouts were purchased for $40 bucks


still with the paper filter i decided i needed to go alot fast and with my total price of parts being at $50 for the exhaust set-up i decided to search around for more cheap stuff. 330cube's friend was selling a NOS wet kit for $175 missing wires,jets and switches. I bought the rest of that for $25.

track run again on one street tires nitto 555 netted me 2.0 13.1@108 with a 100shot no bottle heater on 800psi.





Traction owned along with me scared of missing gears. So my first Brand new purchase was a MGW shifter direct from MGW for a price of $220 to my door. Then a quick forum search got me a pair of 275/40/17 nitto 555R with ONE TRACK PASS for $75




another time at the track netter me 12.9@109 no video :/

Then i bumped it up to 125 and made my own bottle heater with a backwarmer :D track time result was 12.67@112 again no video :(

But ran into someone I didn't like one day and decided to show him up at the local meets

He is driving a 01 cobra with a procharged/intercooled D1SC in the far lane i was able to hold him off till the 1/4 mile mark. He had a video from in car but didn't wanna show me lol

After a while I put in a drop in filter along with a new black painjob and lost the wing.



then painted the rear lights


and changed the mufflers to a Dynomax race bullets

After that the car had risen to 120k miles daily driving on weekdays and racing on weekends with a 125 shot stock plugs and stock tune. 3 years it ran this way with no additional mods[ busy with a different [project] Then one day cruising to an interview the oil pump failed and the motor locked up...It sat for one year [getting life sorted first]

So a quick connection got me a 06 pi motor out of a f150 with 50k miles for $600.. I got a nice coupon code for American muscle and got me a JLT RAI for $150 and my a/c went a while ago so the a/c delte pulley was had for $40




old motor out




This was my first motor swap ever.... no forums....no google... just time and trial and error.


new motor going in



All back together i decided to throw 150 jet inside the car now and upgrade the nos solenoids to the cheater ones capable of 250 shot.

Then finally got me rear bullets in 17x10.5's





This is where I'm at now.

recent updates to the car

Raced a 2012 5.0 with longtubes x pipe exhuast 3.55 gears CAI and tune going through an auto... lol i beat him by 3 cars and bent an axle on that run.

Fixed it the other day also bought eibach pro kit springs from 330cube for $140, waiting to buy shocks and struts to install..

That is the story of the car. I plan on getting gears[4.10's] soon along with the shocks and struts so i can do a great part of the suspension at the same time. Will keep this updated

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yea frank you took a video of the 12.9 pass where i almost stalled against the evo lol i've ran alot of 12.9's at 110 but one day after i sold the yellow coupe i went to osw with some co works and ran 12.67@112 1.8 60' on 125 tires were 275/40/17 mickey T's

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Nice dude that's a good number for a fairly stock car with spray . I love running nitrous been running it for years . Haves you ever tried running on a ET street slick ?

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Good project man! How do you like the MGW? I've heard nothing but good things.

man this was the best mod i have done to the car, i have grown to hate the other brand shifters, daily driving is just so easy with this shifter, i usually shift into third with two fingers i think i did that in the video

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On Wednesday the following this are being installed:

Upper and lower control arms

kyb GR2's shocks

Eibach pro kit springs

96 cobra 8.8 housing

31spline moser axles

31 spline strange lightweight spool

motive 4.56 gears

C-clip eliminators

3" moroso studs

everything but the axles are band new

should have pics wednesday

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Me and DOHCGT started installing the rearend today. Once everything was painfully assembled we ran into a problem with the brakes. At the end of the housing there is a bracket bolted to the end of the tubes. This bracket holds the caliper bracket. I didn't know this bracket was different from GT's and cobra's. Therefore when I put my GT calipers on they sat to high. This was of course at 8:00pm. We called it a night and tomorrow morning i will go ahead and pull the axles out and swap this bracket that goes on the tubes.

Here's a picture my girlfriend snapped of me[tapout shirt] and DOHCGT[under left axle] putting in racecar work


also a photo of everyone's stangs


Would like to thank Mario[DOHCGT] for coming over and helping me out, for payment in taco's and beer, Couldn't of gotten so far with out you... Two lca's not one LOL

Edited by kennyGT
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ok so went out there and pulled axles to get the brake plates off. truns out those are also cobra GT specific. here was the problem


which caused the gt set-up to sit like this


so after the axles were removed along with the plates you can see the slight difference really throws it off.


taking a small brake now and will finish it off in a few minutes

some pics i took while thinking lol

the set-up


and this is the difference between 31 spline moser and 28 spline oem


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ok since then I have visited the local 1/8th mile to get used to these 4.56's and 175 shot of nitrous. So fact of the matter was i needed a window switch instead of running a micro switch to the throttle body. My problem was i could not get in it on the launch, the nitrous would just blow off the 315/35's right off. So i had to 70% to keep it on motor till the car came out some, then WOT in middle of first to get the nitrous going.

/excuses' overall best time of 8.3@84 video shows the details and you can tell something was up at the line at first. 60' was 2.18


since then i came across an amazing deal for a vortech v2 kit [also a new daily driver] so now im in the process of going all out on this car. Not everything is set in stone but the plan is basic. full bolt ons vortech on 10psi weight reduction then hopefully i can work on my suspension a bit more.

The other day i started with the weight reduction. All seats have been pulled, remaining a/c and heater junk pulled from dash, trunk interior is gone and i've started getting the motor ready for extraction :)

some pics the girlfriend decided to take




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