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Photoshop ... who uses it?

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I use CS5 and my talents are correcting images (color, tone, sharpness, etc.), digital manipulation, and media type stuff (sigs, flyers, announcements).

Here is a flyer I made for our local Mustang site:


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I use cs5, i'm not very good at it, i mainly use it to see things on my car before i do it, wing delete, side skirts, wheels, etc etc.

Shaved, pin striped removed, shaved rear bumper and decklid, lowered


Buncha Wheels




other things


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I've gotten back into using it. I have cs6 right now but used to use 4 & 5. 6 is good and don't mind it so far. Still tryin to figure out some stuff but lately I tried my skills at pin striping an lowering a local guys car.




I was always really into Illustrator. I just need to download the new one as i lost my last copy when my computer went kaput

Sent from Space

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