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Took my son out, he said were keeping it

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$7,500 brian, lol. but this tax thing is confuing me. i might end up owing some taxes with the fiscal cliff thingy...:dunno:

glad to hear your keepin it. especially after the video, lol. listening to your son reminds me of when my son would freak when i aired out my trucks when he was young. he'd plug his ears and look at me with the fear of god in his eyes, lololol.

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Thanks guys, not street legal because of salvaged title( hood flew up in the highway) it's repaired but not inspected, build specs.. Stock engine, built trans,Home fabbed turbo kit by me and my son( holset turbo,46mm wastegate,50mm bov) the clunking noise is a gutted interior, and a few parts still in the trunk lol

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Good times, that vid was great.

When my kids were young I used to take them for rides in my fox body (son was still small enough to be in his car seat) and make fun runs. Have a vid somewhere of me doing a huge burnout in the car, when my buddy comes up to the car all you can hear is the kids cheering for more.

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Hmm whole kit..


Megasquirt wiring harness and USB adapter100.00

Laptop.. Already had

Walbro 255...99.00

42lb injectors(first time around, 60's now)250.00

Bov 60.00

Wastegate 70.00

Headers already had an extra set of bbk's but oem will work fine, mandrel bends 80.00

Turbo flange 20.00

Vbands.. 50.00

Intercooler with piping 160.00


Misc fittings and oil feed/return lines


1150.00 roughly w/o turbo

I only paid 150.00 for the turbo shipped

1300.00 roughly with turbo..

For the full shebang.. Stock motor

Just port work

Trans rebuilt by me (alto reds, etc)


J-mod( roughly 40.00 had to buy all new bits from grainger)

Driveshaft.. Stock

Rear end ..stock 3.27 31spline f150 track loc, 31 spline axles 280.00 extended hardened studs 50.00 I think lol..

The rear end still needs to be done I sold my old one but these parts are waiting..

Torque converter for now is an oem one I sold my old one new one is a 3k stall going in after inspection

Converter 595.00 edge racing

Bbk subframes welded (deal!!)

75.00 shipped

Wheels 380.00


Fronts nanking 165/80/15's..85.00

Rears nitto nt555r's traded my old 03-04 cobra's and the nitto tire owner paid shipping on both ends, technically free in my eyes since I already had the rims

That's pretty much all that's done to the car performance wise, I don't count battery box, kill switch, racing seats etc lol but to add it in 400.00

Turbo kit 1,300

Additions 2,265.00

Car cost..5,000.00

Running total car cost plus mods is roughly

8,565.00$ lol

I know there's more but I have right at about 10k in it as a complete total..

I know you asked about the kit only, but this helps me keep a running total to get motivated to get it street legal again lol..

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