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4th Annual Sn95 & New Edge Mustang Week Cruise

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All 94-04 Mustangs Welcome!

We had 68 cars last year and really hope to increase that number this year.

Where: Start – Planet Hollywood

(2915 Hollywood Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577)

End – Myrtle Beach Mall

(10177 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572)

When: July 20, 2013 – We will be there by 8:00am at the absolute earliest and we plan to leave around 10:15am. Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Directions: Cruise down Highway 17 to Robert M Grissom Parkway. From there we'll merge onto 31, next 22, and down the exit ramps to the mall.

Contact: Sean – 717-576-0158 (Blue 2004 Saleen)

Shirts and stickers were made last year and I'm looking forward to doing it again for 2013. If anyone would like to send me some ideas, go for it. I'm no photoshop man myself. Please email Rustang12@gmail.com


I figured out how to plan the cruise route through google maps so here is a picture. I can't quite finish it off correctly though. We will pass the main entrance at the mall and enter at the next light. This will bring us in at the right hand side of the mall. We will pass around the back and meet up in the parking behind the mall right by the food court. I believe we will pass one parking lot so don't get too excited and pull right in. Plus, it's hard to keep a lot of cars together so we will probably get separated.








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