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Been away for a bit

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Hello everyone just wanted to say I was sorry for me being away for so long. It's tuff trying to run a auto repair shop, have a family and still have time for checking up on the post :( but for the most part I'm back in the swing of things and hope for you guys to see more of me :)

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season, marry Christmas :)

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I knew you guys would understand :) this is a great community here so glad to be part of it. I wish I would have come back with some new updates and mods done to my cobra. But ;( no time just oil changes and fuel lol after New Years I plan to supercharge. I've also had my eye on a friends gt500 that he's willing to sell to me for a really good deal with low miles. Lets see how things play out :) thanks for the very warm welcome back. I sure hope everyone here has been doing good and being happy. I know there's been some crazy things going on in the country.

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