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A few pics of my Rosie

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God I love watching females that are into their cars, I really wish more women would see the fun in cars. It really is a pleasure to share ones hobby with females.

Once again, welcome to the site, we are glad to have you aboard! :)

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5.31 @134mph in the 1/8 - but we are jetting it up this year. Pill it til you kill it....we are going for 4.90's this year
for the love of god!!!:hail:
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Okay, please don't take this the wrong way, but... Are you by any chance as hot as your ride?

Not hardly - I'm just a normal person...wife, Mom and Grandma...yep, GRANDMA. Lol - I'm 45 years old!

Here's a pic of how she started out. Funny story really, I traded my Jeep Wagoneer for her (and he paid me $500). She didn't run and was pretty beat up. We put a 331 in her and she was a street/strip car for a couple of years....but even back then I had the need for speed and got faster every year. I put her into the wall back in 2010, bracket racing of all things on a motor only pass. Oil on the track and she went skating. So that's how she got her new paint job.


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