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Haven't been on here in a while so I thought I'd stop buy and give an update. I got my car out of storage on friday and today started working on my front bumper. I got it sprayed and just put it back on. Tomorrow I'm going to wet sand and buff it then take some better pictures.


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Thanks bud! You have missed out on a lot of purchases but you're back so now you can catch up :)

I think that picture you posted looks KILLER. I wouldn't change the wheel color but that's me. If you like it go for it! It'll look good either way :)

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Ahh you're making me want to paint them white again! Yeah unfortunately it is the dd for the nicer months while I'm at school.

Well good thing powdercoat is easy to clean, just wersh em with car soap and voila! Cleannnn. Coat the inside barrels with vasolene to collect brake dust, and wax the faces for even easier clean up!

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