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Need help with what rims to pick

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PLEASE !! help me out with picking out some rims for the car, if you know of any sweet, rare or not common rims can you please post em up.

no bullits, saleens, cobras, fr500's please,

thanks in advance


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staggered intro 2 piece:


staggered RETRO 2piece:


forged bonspeeds :)


deep dish KMC nova:


DPE LS wheels..good lawdy :hump:


and the wheels i almost got..seriously was 1 sec from ordering, lol..vossen cv3


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This exact thing came into my head this weekend. I originally wanted 18x9/10 1995 Cobra R wheels, but found myself staring at some CCW SP550s for my vert.

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18's? staggered? do you like the boss wheels i had? they come black, gun metal and chrome. they look like the bullits but in person...way cleaner design. thinner spokes, nice polished fat lip.

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18's staggered is what im thinking.
i'd love to see someone do those kmc's deep dish in the rear..i've seen them in person. that dish looks massive in the rear on 18's. run a 305 tire...yum!!
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5" lip. look pretty good on the car. They have a few different finish options. Ive liked em so far.




what kind of spoiler is that? sorry to hijack...just wondering :)
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