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went to the strip in da mach!

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Disclaimer: I am a grunt, not some college smarty kid. I suck at typing stuff, gammer ETC. take some tylenol before attempting to read this.

Went to the drag strip tonight to make a few passes in my mach. overall im pretty happy. when my driver error is eliminated I run 13.8/13.9 average. i made 12 passes and only 3 were a complete disaster.

I started having an issue in 1st gear and before i could push the clutch in (while doing my burnout) the car stalled. yea.. I started crying. <--not really <--ok maybe a little. I pull up to the tree. stage..yellow...yellow...yellowwwwwwwwwwww GREEN! nope. stalled. <----------came back like a boss, restarted the car and dropped the clutch around 3k, still managed to run a 15.1401. like a boss...er...

second really bad run, for some reason the left lane was fucked up, nobody could get traction. finally the track fixed it when 3- cars were in line for the right lane.....(which might i add, i had my fastest runs in) light drops, and tires just break loose. ease out, get traction roll into it, loose traction again. shifted, no traction..I said screw it because i almost lost control. the back end walked out so far i thought i was eating concrete barriers for dinner. I just put it in 4th and cruised. better to look like a total fucking scrub then walk home.... this was my best run at 18.5539

third bad run. launched fine, missed second (dont ask) get it in second, third, misfire misfire misfire.......normal....4th. cruised it out. this is were this run got really bad. almost deadly. possibly. I let it out and cruised it out (while braking rather hard) and the other car (a 2013 gt500 who ran 13.5's all night.....) decided to cut across to the return road before i had taken the road (i was in the right lane so i should have been first to take the road. for safety, and this is why) while i was braking my car stalled itself out. im not sure how, it was in neutral and i had the clutch in, i restarted it while i was rolling, but as you know the brakes kinda stop working when the motor isnt running, (i had decided to roll down the rest of the track to safely stop) but he cut in front of me so i had to literally lock my brakes up to avoid hitting him.

all in all. I suck at driving stick, I won like 1 race... my car is now having issues, im horrified to go back because people will remember the only bright red mach who stalled...twice.

I do have a video of me making one pass and before i start getting shit for this video.

1. I had been racing this camaro for 3/4 runs at this point and had been .3-6 seconds faster so i wanted a video right?

2. camaro jumped the line when it was only on the second yellow light, du fuq right?

3. look how far behind i am in the video.... this was my best run. the times were this 13.6179 13.7919. I almost PASSED him, and he jumped. he was already two lengths down by the time i launched.



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No reason not to go back unless you didn't have fun. If you don't have an aluminum quadrant I would look into one.

Don't worry about what other people will remember. Hell, the first time I took the Cobra to the strip I left the traction control on while doing the burnout. So I was the idiot that couldn't do a burn out.

Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk

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With my current mods, from what im seeing on the mach forum, I could be getting around a 13 flat. But I haven't installed my driver mod yet.. if you listen to my shift in the video you can hear how bad I am at speed shifting into 3rd. Im hoping my shifting issues are due to my cable, so my new clutch cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster hopefully should fix my shifting issues. After that stuff is installed we will see if I can pull a 13.5

Deff had a blast though. Other then almost eating the gt500. How did my car stall itself is what I can't figure out. Don't know if its something I did or if the running rough issue I started having caused it.

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yea man, lets go to hertford pretty nice track. I dont really like there staging lanes but I do like the track surface. I have no issues hooking in my 96 on spray. I didnt run any 1/8th last night, i mean the times are on my time slips what my 1/8th is but.. you get the point. lol. you getting that motor today?

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Should have more in it for sure. Its all about practice when it comes to the track.

P.S - Don't be "that guy". There is a great number of prior service vets in this forum (including myself) and I'm sure most would agree that there was always "that guy" that flaunted his military/grunt card everywhere. Not saying to not be proud (have my own award/war room myself) but just be humble about it. Only time anyone should look down on someone is when they are helping them up.

Other than that, keep going back to the track and practice. I went 14.7 on my GT to a 13.8 with just intake and mufflers.

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