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Get your SN95Source Plaque!

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Exclusively from our sponsors at AutoBadges, we are proud to present to your all the official SN95Source Plaque!

Each badge will run $35 shipped to your door.

This is the exact style that they will be. Perfect for under your hood, on your dash, or anywhere else you want to put them!


Text line one: Full Name (First and Last)

Text line across: Year/Make/Model

Text line bottom: Screen Name on Forums

Text box (Member #)

For those of you who don't know your member number, it is located conveniently on your user profile under the "about me" tab

To order:


The total cost of everything, products, design, shipping comes to only $35.00.

That is $35.00 shipped to your door USPS 2-3 Day Priority mail.

Should take 1-2 weeks to finish them up, then it's a matter of packaging and shipping...but if you have dealt with our company before, you know we don't play with shipping and we get things out to our customers as fast as possible!

The template is as follows:

Name of Owner:

Year, Make, Model:

Screen Name

Member #

For those you can pick and choose whatever you would like. From '95 to 1995 to 3.8L 232ci, to 281 V8, to 1999 MUSTANG GT and you can use your real name or screenname on the forums for member name as well as it doesn't say "SCREENNAME" or "NAME" Just had it written in the middle bar. As you can see from the rendering...only those 4 pieces of information will change from one plaque to another.

Link for payment (click link) http://www.autobadges.com/paymentcenter

Upon entering this page you will see:

Total Amount: (enter $35)

Product Name(s): (enter SN95Plaque)

Description: (here is where you enter your information. All you have to do it write 3 lines. 1. name , 2. year, make, model, 3. SMR member #)


1. Erick Valdez

2. 1995 V6 Ford Mustang 3.8L


4. #0023

Then hit ADD TO CART

Checkout like normal.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Just so we can clear it up. We cover shipping to the US, any orders out of the US, will require a separate shipping charge, please contact us prior to submitting your order. tob

(this means you morton! order it now to seattle)

If you have any questions, PM autobadges for more details!


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Alright so if we want to order we need a for sure count of people. Please post up if you'll be ordering

1. Det_Riot

2. Bullitt

3. Solar

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