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How to Datalog

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Datalogging your vehicle is important, not only for getting revised tunes but it can be very helpful when trying to diagnose a certain issue your vehicle may be having. When tuning, we send a "Base" tune to get you going, have the customer get a datalog from the vehicle and emailing it in for a revision. By doing this, we are getting the information from your own vehicle and tuning it specifically for it.

To get started on datalogging, you will have to have LiveLink. If you don't have it, refer to SCTFlash.com, go under Tech Support, browse for your handheld device (3000, 3015, Livewire, etc..), then download the latest LiveLink.

Once its downloaded, you should be able to see the icon for it. (Note, SCT updates LiveLink from time to time so icon may not be the same)


Once you open LiveLink, you should be able to see simple instructions and follow step by step. Click "Next" once you are done with that certain step to continue.

Here, click on "I want to datalog a vehicle" (Make sure you have cable hooked up to your laptop as well as to the OBD2 port)


You should then see this:





If you receive ???? instead of the actual info, click on "Check Communication". If that does not fix the problem, check the fuse for the OBD2 port, most of the time the cigarette lighter fuse is used for the OBD2 as well.

Go to "Vehicle Info"

You should then see this:


Click on Validate All PIDs on list, then on the "Select Items" box to the far right which has been highlighted to get a better view.

You should now see this.


With us, you will receive an email on which PIDs to select as well as further instructions on what exactly to do for the datalog. Then click on "Configure Datalog"

You should now see this. Once you are ready to datalog, click on the top left box with the green circle for Record.


After it starts recording, the datalog will now begin.


After you are done with the log, click on the box with the red circle for "Stop" and then click on Save All in .CSV format. I recommend making your own folder under Desktop to save all your datalogs. Send the log through email and wait for tune revision. Gets much easier with more practice and it can be a very handy tool for diagnosing problems as well.

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