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Cleaned up the mach!!!

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I had been neglecting my mach, it went unwashed, unvacuumed, uncleaned for almost 3 weeks.. so....

I cleaned it...for 2 whole days. sorry smurf, but my buddy detailed it for me. I cant beleave how smooth and perfect paint could become..








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Holy zmokies batman! That thing is clean!!

I put a lot of work and time in to getting it back this clean. Washing it wasn't enough. Wish the old owner would have taken more care of the paint. But at least after 2 days we were able to restore the paint.

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If I was closer I would have went to you, ask Mathews, I'm all about supporting the local guys. I have him make all my vinyl needs. But its hard to justify driving the 4 hours up to you.

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Is that a spanish version of meguiars:rolf2:Looks great...I bet running the sandpaper on the hood and sides of the car was fun. I would of been shaking the whole time.
damn autocorrect :noidea:




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