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SN95 Headlight Weatherstriping?

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I purchased some new headlights for my 1998 Mustang GT from American Muscle about 5 yrs. ago.

The rubber weatherstriping I could tell was not the best quality. Well now it's almost all dried up and peeled off.

Any ideas on where I can purchase just the replacement rubber.

I've done tons of searching on the internet and can only find it for fox bodies.

I don't want to have to purchase new headlights just for the weatherstriping.

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Well I contacted AM directly and no luck. I just heard back from Late Model Restoration and they also said its not available.

I went directly to the Ford dealer and it's not available from them either.

The only choice is to replace the entire side marker light. Good thing LMR has them for like $24.99 each.

Guess that's the route I'll go.

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I have heard of people taking them off of stock lights and gluing back on or else I took some door rubber-edge guard and put it over it also with some glue to hold it in place. It isn't as clean as the original rubber piece but I also don't notice it enough to bother me, and it would bother me if it looked like complete crap.

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yeah sadly that's the nature of the beast with ALL aftermarket lights. no matter who you get them from. and no one makes just that piece for some stupid reason.

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