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96 split port swap

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This is the first spilt port swap for me. Little more involved than I originally thought. But, we are making way with it.


Passenger head off


Both heads off


Split port heads cleaned and going on



Split port manifold on



Test fitting plenum. Modified split port fuel rail to work with return style fuel system


Modified stock coolant tubes to with with the swap


Few more odds and ends and its ready for [MENTION=20]Luis@OrtizPerformance[/MENTION] to work his magic

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Yup, the 99-04 sixxers had 2 runners per cylinder(a short and a long) for better low end and high end torque. Even though I eliminated the imrc, the split port swap still boosts hp quite a bit over the old single port heads and intake

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After getting this thing running, it ran like shit. Ran like it had a huge vacuum leak. Aster running for sometime, noticed coolant leaking from the gurney of the drivers side head. While pulling the head off I found a bent push rod. So I think I find my issue with the shitty idle. When putting the head back on, noticed there's something keeping the head bolt from freely going all the way in. So I think I found where the coolant is coming from. I don't think the head bolt was torqued right because of this. Fingers crossed

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Well car still ran like crap. did a compression check and number 4 cylinder had no compression. hooked up my leak down tester and found it was leaking from the intake valve. took the head back off and found the valve was bent at the head. come to find out the car these parts came off of snapped a number 3 connecting rod

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