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fuel gauge ohms

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well since I have to buy new rocker studs from summit i figured i'd get something else on my future project list to get free shipping.

Looking at autometer fuel level gauges. Now they have 4 different ones:

  1. 0-90 ohms (supposedly for GM)
  2. 73-10 ohms (supposedly for Ford)
  3. 240-33 ohms
  4. programmable one that is twice the cost.

I can't seem to find definitely what a 94-95 has. I found a new OEM sending unit from LMR that lists "1987-97 Mustang Fuel Level Sending Unit Ohm Readings are approximately 22 ohms empty and approximately 145 ohms full."

So with that info i'm thinking that only the programmable one would work but wanted more feedback before getting it.

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hmm at least for now i do. i guess i should just bite the bullet and get the programmable one so then i won't have to worry about it in the future.

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