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Mystic Parts Installed

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So I got my newly painted aftermarket Mystic parts installed. Hard to capture the beauty of a Mystic in pictures. I decided to wait on the mirror install until I take the panels off to install new speaker setup. Don't like to take the panel off too many times. Could not be happier how everything turned out! I swear unless I told you the parts were painted off the car, you would never know it. The match is perfect! Thought I would throw in some interior pics as well. Love my Mystic shifter ball.









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I'd like to see some pics under some better light but overall I think it looks great!

I agree. Sun was setting on opposite side. So hard to get a good Mystic picture.

Need better pics now!!! You can barely tell its mystic =[ Though the skirts and everything looks awesome!

Will do! Lol Will try to get some sunlight pics. Damn paint relying on sunlight! :-)

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