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Slammed the mach 1!!!!

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so I have slowly been acquiring parts, but do to deployment work up it's kinda just been a pile of parts in my room. (my mom was less then thrilled.)

Today I finally got the time to install some! I installed the Strange coil over kit with 14" 175lb springs, and some maximum motorsports caster camber plates.



Once it was all out. It's a little dirty from a experience with a muddy ditch a couple weeks ago..


Installed the MM Plates. Wasn;t thrilled about drilling my car but...


And finally!


Doesn't look slammed but the springs didn't have time to settle yet, After the drive home it dropped about another half inch.

I can't believe how smooth the car rides now compared to the factory stuff! I was hitting huge bumps (independence to witchduck) for those who live near me. and i could hardly feel them! also the cornering felt so much better. I took and off ramp pretty hard (I like to feel like [MENTION=6]iRoush[/MENTION] sometimes) and the body roll was reduced so much I couldn't believe it.

we ran out of time so my bumpsteer kit and the rear haven't been done yet, but after those are done I will get an alignment, and then hopefully upload my new thread....for my cam swap >:D

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Need moar low.

Kidding, looks great! How do you like the plates? Putting those on mine soon.

LOL, I'd like them more if I didn't have to drill a hole in my car! there very nice. beautiful kit. very quality. much nice.

looks good dude. little soft on the spring rate for me but I'm a nut job and think 550lb spring rates are the norm ;)

I'm thinking I should have gone with 12" 200lb springs instead... oh well. 70$ for springs isn't bad.

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I'm as low as I am with 14" 175 Springs. Be careful though as you might right into some spring bind issue rubbing up on the coilover spring. I did but I think that was because my spring hats weren't sitting right. Just soemthing to be aware of.

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Looks great, I need some full view pics of the car though, hard to judge the drop from up close.


I run 12-350 up front, and personally I think that's perfect for a street driven car with a mild track feel to it. I've had 12-200's and 12-250's in the past, both rode well but I wanted more.

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Good call on installin them before you went full low! Your back will be thanking you for that! lol

Nope, stupid me swapped them after I slammed it. my back is killing me. not to mention the struggle of dropping shit under the car..... good thing we have one of the old person grabber thingys. 

intake only of course.

exhaust are already the same. 



















Does this mean my motor is a cobra motor now? 

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