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Mystic Interior Parts Back From Paint

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I thought one of the rules about mystic was that they only gave you enough paint for the car/part you were painting and took any remaining paint back with them when it was done?



They use to be. I drove right down to Fairystone Imports (45 min drive) who are a BASF dealer and they sold it to me on the spot. No wait and no forms.

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mother of god thats 1000-1500 dollars of paint just to paint the car lol


Actually 500 a quart is pretty cheap from what I've been hearing. I've heard it's usually 800 to a 1000 a quart. When the car was repainted in 2011, it was 800 per quart and required 4.5 quarts. 





Can you get it cheaper? If you can, let me know. I could use another quart.




Looks really good man.  I'd like to see a full interior shot so we can see how it all comes together.


Thanks! It's coming together. I will be putting paint and painted parts on hold for a little while. My KB will be here Thursday! :)

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I'm nervous every time I drive it. I asked the PO how he deals with stress of driving a car with such expensive paint and he told me he doesn't worry about, it's a car and meant to be driven. He is completely right but still I get nervous. I do get more enjoyment from Mysty from driving her instead of it sitting.

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