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New Surround Sound System.

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Took me a long time but finally decided on a surround sound system. This is a few models up over what I was originally going to get but I'm glad I spent the little extra. Its an LG 1460W 3D Blu ray system 




the initial set up was pretty easy even though it froze a few times but other then that its been problem free. The sound out of this thing is amazing, my dog does not know what to think he keeps barking and tilting his head at various sounds lol. Before I was just using my PS3 as a blu ray player but I have to honestly say that it sucked compared to an actual player. Ive been watching The Man of Steel in 3D and it looks a lot better then it did when watching it on the PS3. My old system was a pioneer 5.1 system w/ no HDMI. This system is actually a 9.1 system b/c of the speakers at the tops of the speakers. My rear speaker stands will be here tomorrow so for now the rears are just sitting on the back side of the couch but Ill get them into the corners of the living room once they arrive. Few pics of the set up.












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The top icons are missing b/c I was clicked on the BF4 Icon so it was displaying the info for that. I could have got it w/ the black speaker cones but I like the yellow more. The difference is that the 3D just looks a lot better. The Man of Steel  was one movie that I was not impressed w/ as far as the 3D but watching on this player it looks much better then it did. My PS3 is updated w/ the latest update. 


I still have some cable management to do in the back as well.

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I never planned on getting this one until I was thrown another $100 gift card from amazon for xmas, that plus another one I had added up to $150 off for whatever system I wanted to get. I just got my rear speaker stands last night so I have the rear speakers in the back corner of the room now instead of sitting on the back of the couch lol. 


I moved the subwoofer around a few times deciding on where It would be best ( you can see its in a few different spot in the pics ) and decided that it would be best in the corner but facing straight ahead and not kiddy corner like in one of the pics. 


Overall I'm really happy w/ the system I only have one gripe. You can connect the system via simplink ( see below picture ) so the TV and the device connected to it act as one. For example I can click the simplink labeled PS4 and it turns on the PS4, not just switching to the input for the PS4 and waiting for it then to be turned on and you can control the PS4 w/ the TV remote as far as navigation exc exc.. anyway the part that I have a gripe w/ is that the system as an auto on and auto off feature so that when I turn the TV on the system turns on as well and when I shut the TV off the system shuts off w/ it....but it does not always shut off. When I turn it on it ALWAYS comes on but w/ I shut the TV off its a hit or miss if the surround sound system shuts off to. I'll mess w/ the settings and disable the auto shut off and see if it works better to just shut it off manually. 









I went to youtube through my TV and did a few surround sound system tests and bass tests videos and that was really cool. I was watching The Hobbit in 3D when I got home last night and my dog kept barking at the surround sound effects lol, he must think its something outside he keeps hearing. The surround on my other system was good but it was not as crisp and clear as this system is. My old system was 750W and pretty dated technology wise I bought it around 10 years ago but it now will have a new home at my sister and her husbands house. She always gets my electronic stuff I upgrade lol, she has my old HDTV the first one I bought and they will now have the surround sound system. I did buy them a PS4 but that was a wedding gift. 



This is really good break down and review on the system I have now. http://www.trustedreviews.com/lg-bh9430pw_Surround-Sound-System_review_setup-and-operation_Page-3




UPDATE: I messed around w/ the settings as far as trying to have the TV turn off at the same time as the TV. If I unplug the system and plug it back in and then shut off the TV the system shuts off and turns on when I turn the TV on but it only works correctly right after its been unplugged. After that I can shut off the TV and the system stays on, if I hit the off button on the system remote the sound stops but the system stays on. I'm going to call LG today and see why its doing this.

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