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need help/advice painting the engine bay

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The engine is removed but on the side where the master cylinder goes has some rust from brake fluid. I want to sand it down and paint it myself.

Should I sand it down and paint it black or the same color?

I dont plan on doing it with a gun just with a spray can, just so it wont have some rust.

I don't know weather to sand down and repaint it where the rust was or repaint the whole engine bay.

The pictures are before the engine was removed

If you think I should just repaint it the same color

What color is it?



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i always felt the engine bay had to match your body color. Ford had a few years where all the escape engine bays were black. I guess it hides dirt better. However you pop the hood and the first thing you think is "was this repainted?"  just looks weird IMO

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sand it down and spray it with something similar. no one will notice it if its under the brake booster.  Make sure you remove as much rust as possible, and then spray it with Permatex 81849 rust treatment. Let dry, and then spray with your color of choice.  By doing this you will help to slow down the spreading of the rust in the future. 

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