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Budget engine build

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Who wants to help me put this engine for my fox together?  :D


Needless to say, I don't completely trust the engine that came in this car (I found so much wrong when first started tearing into it.....)


The good:

  • Edelbrock Performer RPM heads
  • 93 Cobra intake
  • brand new t5
  • full exhaust
  • typical bolt ons...
  • and it's a damn solid car  ;)

and bad..:

  • DSS rotating assembly that's nowhere near new
  • the block needs rebored, it's at .030 right now/machine work if I redo everything
  • when I first brought the car home, I could loosen almost every bolt by hand (intakes, head bolts, everything....
  • It needs a tune...bad.  Since I don't trust this engine, I don't feel like dumping money into it.

I just don't trust the setup at all.  I'm kind of thinking about ordering a shortblock setup that's already built (some of the setups seem pretty cost efficient, especially with the price of machine work) and running the rest of my existing pieces and ordering an Anderson cam.  Obviously, buying a shortblock is the cheapest, this car's just kind of a fun toy, sometime down the road I'd like to put a low amount of boost to it but nothing soon.  

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i had almost the same thing.  bottom end was tired but all the top end stuff was good.  bought a dss short block 331 and swapped it in.  i think getting a short block is going to be your best option.

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If you end up getting a short block, I can recommend Fordstrokers. Woody builds a damn nice motor, and was more than willing to talk on the phone for about a half hour with me discussing what I wanted. His wife is also a very nice lady, she handles the billing, emails, etc.


What you need to do first is decide the end goal for the car, if you want to add boost then I'd recommend going R block, Dart block, etc. I know I wish I would have, I'm at the limit of my block and it kills me to not be able to throw more boost at it.

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The goal for it is something that I can trust to take on decent trips, I'd like to have some decent power...enough to blow the tires off  :) .  I don't really know what it's making now but I'd like to be somewhere around 350-375, I think it seems pretty doable with the right combination.  I'll check out the Fordstrokers site, I've also been looking at LMR's website, they've got some shortblocks that are put together...just doing some looking right now!

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If that's your goal hp range you'd be good with a stock block stroker from them. My car made 342rwhp/408rwtq with the 347, Anderson N61 cam, Systemax heads (machined for stud mount rockers) and Systemax intake 75mm tb, 90mm maf, 30lb injectors, long tubes and a tune. It was plenty fun and had no problem exceeding the traction capabilities of the nitto drags I had at first with that setup. Of course I can never leave anything alone and the procharger happened, but I was pretty happy with the power level even before the blower :2thumb:

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I'm just wanting something that I can trust and have fun driving  :P


I'm looking into the fordstrokers shortblocks as we speak.  I honestly think that the 331 or 347 kit would be my best/easiest option http://www.fordstrokers.com/fordstrokers-liberator-short-blocks/331-liberator-stroker-short-block.html


I'd be able to reuse all of my upper pieces and make alot more power with these setups than just the bored 302 I have!

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