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MIR Shootout Recap

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What a weekend! I want to thank everyone for coming out! This was the best showing for MIR in the 3 years its been going. We had 22 cars for the class on the grounds and 21 made it into qualifying! Thats almost BG status!! I showed up Thursday for some test hits and it I was in the wolf's den. 10 Shelby's and myself in the pits! In total we had 13 Shelby's and 7 Terminator's! Quite a change form the previous years I'd say. The air quality was lacking a bit this weekend. We had temps in the 70s, on track was more like 80, and the DA was in the 1400-1600 range all weekend except for Friday night which got down into the 600ish range. Compared to last's years 50 degree temps it was HOT! However many still managed to set off new personal best and break some records thanks to MIR's excellent track prep. We couldn't ask for a better facility to use. 


After 3 rounds of qualifying at the #1 spot was Scott Waters in his 2010 TT GT500 with an 8.25 @ 169. On the Terminator side it was myself straggling behind at the #4 spot with an 8.68 @ 156 (NPB). The overall top 10 cars in the class ran 10.0 or better and included 4 Terminators and 6 GT500's. I'll work on video asap for everyone to see, there was some tight racing! 


For the first time ever we also has a stick shift shootout between the 2 quickest cars in qualifying. It came down to Mark Duber in his '13 Shelby qualified at #6 with a 9.25 @ 154 and Matt Bruette in his '07 GT500 who was a spot ahead of Mark with a 9.04 @ 153. It was ultimately Mark taking the win in the race as he really stepped it up all weekend. He reset the quickest Shelby 6 speed record with an 8.95 and then AGAIN on Sunday with an 8.80! 


The final was Scott Waters TT GT500 vs Evolutions 07 GT500 driven by Nelson Whitlock. I watched the raced from along side of Scott's car. Both cars did their burnouts and rolled up to the tree. Both cars pre-staged and as Nelson lit up the Stage light I heard Scott's car die! Now if you don't know once a competitor has lit up their stage light, the opponent has 7 seconds to light theirs up. I heard Scottt cranking the car and it must have been 5 or 6 seconds and he bumped in and just got his boost up and the lights dropped. Scott went a 8.3x and unfortunately Nelson spun hard at the hit. Overall it was a great weekend. I saw lots of smiling faces and heard lots of great things said about the race. Below I will post all of the specialty awards we gave away as well as some others. Everyone has 5 months before BG so get cracking! I expect 30+ cars this year with the talk that went on @ MIR. Lets make it an epic race! 


Special Awards 

Quickest 6 speed - Mark Duber / '13 GT500 

Quickest Stock Supercharger - Jim Larocca / '14 GT500 (10.25 @ 140) 

Best reaction time - Nelson Whitlock / '07 GT500 (.104) 

Hard Luck award - Paul Mitchell / GT500 (blown motor on friday) 

Best Appearing Engine - Tim Mcalonen / '03 Cobra 

Sportsmanship Award - Jake Conant (nominated by Rick Kaknes) 

Most Consistant - Jim Larocca / '14 GT500 

Best Interior - Paul Mitchell / GT500 

Quickest Stock Engine - Rick Kaknes / '03 Cobra (9.8 @ 141) 

Fastest VMP Supercharger - Rick Kaknes / '03 Cobra 

Quickest 9 Second Run - Matt Bruette / '07 GT500 (9.04 @ 153) 

Quickest 10 Second Run - Stephen Bowen / '03 Cobra (10.06 @ 139) 

Quickest 11 Second Run - Tim Mcalonen / '03 Cobra (11.05 @ 134) 

and we had no 12 second cars 


From James Hell @ Cobra Engineering 

I can't believe I drove this far - Scott Waters (over 1000 miles) 

I thought my car was a Chevy and broke - Paul Mitchell (blown motor) 

Quickest CE equipped car - Rick Kaknes


Also congrats to all of the winners in the raffle! I was able to give away 

JLT Performance - Gift certificates and t-shirts 

Cobra Engineering - Terminator cooling mod 

Competition Speed & Sound - JLT GT500 Oil separator 

and I provided a wash bucket full of goodies bc we could all use one of those!


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Awesome! I wish i went. Everyone i knew was down there but i went up to NED for mustang vs F-body shoot out with my brothers coyote and a few friends and stayed over night in hampton. Next year for sure!

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