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Heater core help?

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I bypassed my heater core because I was smelling coolant inside my car and it was leaking outside of my car through the ac drip line by the passenger side headers... Which is supposed to be clear..


^what came out of the ac drip

I am no longer smelling coolant an my carpet was dry (from what I could feel) but my windshield still fogs up and I'm not sure how to get rid of it.

Now is there anyway to change the core with out taking the whole dash out? I saw some one change an escort by taking the glove box out and just loosing the dash. Can we do this?

Ps sorry for the long post mods feel free to move this if it's in the wrong section.


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I've done it without pulling the entire dash, but I disconnected the AC lines. Is your AC still hooked up, and if so, are you willing to put new gas in to not have to pull the dash? I loosed the dash, disconnected the HVAC box, and dropped it out on the passenger side floor. It still takes about 4 hours.


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You can half ass pull the dash out on the right, but its a pain in the ass to do it this way so if you have already gone through the work you might as well just pull it all the way out so you can just work on it straight on instead of having to fuck with the dash.

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