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Ma's and my 98 GT

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So back in 2007, our family needed another car to drive.  I was a couple years out of HS and mom and I were sharing the Mage during the summer when I was home from college.  We found this 98 GT with 40k miles, and basically we have split payments on it until it was paid off.  It had a ton of graphics down the sides which we pulled off, and it also has purple underglow.  which i know you all want to see reallllyyyyy badly, be patient young grasshoppers!   anyways, just wanted to share.













so at one point the car just got HAMMERED with hail. insurance covered the PDR and while they were doing that i removed all of the vinyl.











Its now in the "shop" to get its intake manifold replaced after it cracked.  First time this one has needed to be replaced, has just a touch over 114k now.






incase anyone has forgotten what a stock 4.6l NPI motor looks like.


this will eventually turn into the blkmage one the mage rusts completely out in the back.  its never seen snow, which is a god send for cars up here, so rust free and soliiiidddddd

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I always liked that color yellow on the SN's. you can tell who ever had it watch the first fast and furious movie 1 to many times lol. nice looking car with the vinyl off!

Yea i really love it ith the vinyl off, thanks!


it's clean though man. did those vinyl graphics jack the paint up after you removed them?

I was worried about the paint being faded and the stuff under the vinyl being darker, but no problems at all.  the car got a good buff and wax afterwards though.


I love the oh-so-90's seat fabric, brings back memories of my youth :2thumb:

ugh, theyre terrible haah.  i do love the interior though. so clean looking

and the fun begins




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goinf to do a PI head swap while your at it or just the intake?

Just need it back on the road for Mom so I just did the intake on it.  I have 2 NPI intakes on motors in my garage so I just sourced one from there with new gaskets and slapped it on.

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well to continue on the quest...






once the intake is off and cleaned up, you can now access your spark  plugs!   all that work just for spark plugs, ugh i hate this motor






here's some difference in a factory OEM intake and the Dorman aftermarket one i had laying around








also the difference in the fuel rails, 96-97 on the left, and the 98 rails on the right.  notice the difference in the FPR?  The 98 has a bracket that covers that up, that the 96-97 does not, so no nut inserts in the new manifold for that bracket, also there is an extra bracket for the vacuum solenoid thing behind the EGR that the 96-97 doesnt have, so thats hanging out.    The alternator bracket for the 98 is also different, so I need to run over to the mustang junk yard (dads garage) and grab the correct alt bracket.  



and the manifold back in place after changing the spark plugs.



incase you wanted to hear this stock 2v beast roar in all its fury!


the only weird thing I ran into was the temp gauge.  I left the temp sensors in the manifold when I swapped it, because i knew they worked.  now when I start the car the gauge starts off in the middle of the range, and then sits right below the H red line.  Im going to swap the temp sensors from the old manifold back onto this one and see if that fixes the issue.  The check engine light is from the misfires it still had from coolant being on the spark plug boots. all good now!


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that thing is in great condition Will.  i would imagine the temp guage ohm parameters are different and that's why its throwing it off.

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that thing is in great condition Will.  i would imagine the temp guage ohm parameters are different and that's why its throwing it off.

Thanks! We've tried to keep it as clean as we could, and without the winter driving, that has helped to save it.


I was thinking the same thing for the temp gauge, im sure if i swap the sensors over it'll be fine. or just get some new ones for a 98

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On 7/21/2014 at 8:54 AM, Prokiller said:

that thing is in great condition Will.  i would imagine the temp guage ohm parameters are different and that's why its throwing it off.

Heeeyyyy..... so i finally figured out what was up with that hahaha   The cluster sensor is obviously different than the one the ECU uses.  Well, NAPA and the likes, don't carry it.  so its a ford only part.  finally swapped that this past weekend and the cluster works!

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few small updates over the past couple years now.  put my old 17"s on it, much better than the 16"s.





I then was able to get an IRS exhaust for reeaallllyyyy cheap, brand new flowmaster.  its not stainless, but for this car it'll work.  its still beyond stock, so I was a little worried with the diff housing sitting farther away from the body than a lowered car would be, that the exhaust wouldnt fit or would hit.  turned out not to be the case and it all bolted up almost perfectly.   This is a 98 car, so the exhaust hangers are almost identical to the 99+.  here is few pics for comparison, the first is my 96 hangers, and the second is the 98 hangers.





and the IRS exhaust in its full glory.  I needed to unbolt the shock, quad shock, and vent tube breather to get the exhaust out in one piece. not bad.










We were only able to use the exhaust hangers that fit under the rear bumper, the other 4 (2 per pipe), were far off.  All we needed to do though was make some hangers from basically the back of the muffler, up to the stock hanger location and we were all done.





Doesn't look 100% like it would on an IRS car, but it does give it a neat look and doesn't hit or rub on anything.  We tried to flex the car over some driveway entrances and hit bigger bumps to make stuff move around, and never had a problem with the exhaust hitting.  overall im happy with the results.    As far as sound good, i would say its like 5 decibels louder than stock haha, but it does have a reeaalllyyy nice sound to it.  still has the stock 6 cat h-pipe on it also.


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35 minutes ago, Number Tew said:

That a home shop or at the dealership?  That lift is interesting.  

Psh home garage!   ;) 


its at the dealership i work for.  its an alignment rack thats sunk into the ground. 




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8 hours ago, Dkblue98gt said:

That car is clean. Look at all of those cats...

so many cats.... selling them to a junk yard would probably pay for a whole new exhaust systme these days

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