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how much abuse can a 87 v4 mustang transmission handle?

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Anyone know how much abuse the 87/88 mustang transmission can handle?

I got a 94 mustang gt and the previous owner put a different transmission if im correct its from a 4cyl. 87 mustang

Found this online

(1352-162 87 & 88 mustang 2.3 240)

Heres a list of the mods on the car finished the rebuild havent drove it yet im getting the bearing retainer for it

1994 Mustang GT

bored out to a 306.

Hypertectic pistons

E303 camshaft

1.7 scorpion roller rockers

trickflow valve springs

hardened pushrods

24lb injectors

1" ford racing intake spacer

gt40 intake

70mm SR throttle body

80mm MAF

Cold air Intake

255lph walbro fuel pump

Spec stage 2 clutch

SR clutch cable

Summit Racing shorty headers

2.5 Offroad H pipe and flowmaster super 44s, 2.5 tail pipes with 3.5 tips Summit Racing street/track distributor msd ignition coil

4.10 gears

Stock heads for now, long story..Im waiting on them for a while my girlfriend is pregnant so gotta save for the baby then i can get the heads

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