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My 04' Mach Juan

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Long story short, my brother and I purchased a Screaming Yellow 04' 5 Speed Mach 1. It's all stock, 45k miles, except tinted windows. So far we've installed smoked headlights (which btw was a joke compared to my bastard 95 lmao), shorty antenna, and I tinted the third brake light. Plans are new tint eventually (darker and some black vinyl over the dotmatrix like my 95 to cover that), catted X pipe, most likely a Borla stinger catback, short throw shifter, a drop, wheels in the future, cold air intake, and little shit here and there. We're saving for exhaust, its way too quiet!

First day we went to go see it.


The following shots were driving home and the first time having it home




Cleaned it up, and the new lights.





Tinted 3rd brake light, I like it a little



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love the car man! 




PS, if youre going to blur the license plate, dont link it back to your photobucket where none of the photo's are blurred ;)  


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