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IRS rear bracket bolt & tire clearance?

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I have been going over the installation of the IRS in the SN95's and had some thoughts.  Mostly thought about tire clearance and the rear bracket bolt. 

I'm wanting to eventually run 335 width tires on the rear but I'm concerned wether or not the tires will rub on the rear bolt even with the low profile bolts. 


So my quetion is has anyone with an IRS in their 94-98 also tried a 335 width rear tires?  If so what clearance problems did you encounter and what size / offset of wheels did you  use?


Also can anyone get me a couple of clear pics of the rear bracket bolted on looking up and forward that includes the frame rails and inner fender structure?  I want to see if a mini-tub  would be possible with the IRS.  I think the rear attaching points will have to be cut and moved inward on the IRS frame for this however.


Tahnks in advance.

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I know that a lot of terminator guys run 335's with the low profile rear subframe bolts, but it may require a small spacer. I think @haterbuilt has some pretty big meats out back, maybe he can elaborate on clearance.


A mini tub with the IRS will be pretty challenging, it will be a ton of work but not impossible. I've had the wild idea of doing it a few times in my head. To stuff a wide wheel out back and take advantage of a mini tub, you will not only be modifying the rear of the IRS cradle and attachment points, but you will also need to address the lower control arms, specifically the lower spring cup. You will have to definitely run coilovers mounted inboard like a lot of the mini tub SRA guys do (which will change where the coilovers mount to the LCA's most likely), and you will need to either fab new LCA's or run the Kenny Brown tubular LCA's that ditch the spring cup. I remember seeing a guy on Corral mention that he had an IRS-swapped fox that he mini tubbed, I pm'ed him asking for pics and info but he dropped off the face of the planet apparently. At the very least, it seems that it's possible if he claims to have done it.

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Basically I'm really just looking to put 335's on an 94-98 with an IRS.  I know the Termi's and New edge can fit but I wasn't completely sure about the pre- '98's.

 I knew the rear bolt was the main or first clearance item.  I'm just not sure of what else would affect clearance.  

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Why not go the other way and do some outer fender work?

The only way I'll do that is if I go full wide body kit.  And not the add on fender flare looking body kit.  But actual full quarter panel replacement style.


Plus I think it looks wicked with the wide tires closer together.

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I'm not 100% sure as I have never measured.  But I believe that with the flared fenders of the '99-'-04 that there may be a bit more room toward the outside of the body.  And with the IRS being 1.5" overall wider than the '94-'98 SRA's, then the clearance and wheel / offset choices are even more critical.

But as I have said I am not completely sure about this.

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