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02 L Diddly

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i wasn't going to post a build thread. I'm not going in far depth but this has been in the works since november. i was in talks with a fella on facebook about an ad for a lightning. My buddy shannon knew the dude through the lightning community. I know the prices on these just go up because they are becoming limited. Gen 1s are super limited but the appeal of Gen 2s is what got me. they are sexy as the SN95. Matt PRP vinyl helped me pick it up. He's been detrimental of me getting it moved around. the clear coat is peeling. go figure its a vermilion red. the price tag was 5.5k with 89k miles and i wasn't letting it go past me.   



Shannon had Lightning parts in abundance. i was going to use GT500 rods, stock forged crank and stock lightning pistons. They are forged as the 03/04 cobras. the rods are the weakest point in this engine.  



well there was a mashed up in parts. supposedly a C&L plenum. 60lb injectors and some more mad scientist shit tuned. i got a story of how it got this way. this is its 2nd engine at this time. it looks like the stock rods couldnt keep up. stock rods on 19psi is beyond me. it had at this point total sealed forged pistons and stock rods. the lightning comes with a forged crank. 





here you can play peek a boo. received_1179746245386996_zpsw1a4pqa0.jp


i broke down the eaton to check the level of the porting. the bearings didnt have play. i sanded down the old black coating.I sanded, primed, coated and cleared the case. i also repacked grease in the bearings. i still have to get front snout lube. 

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the meat and potatoes of the longblock is (reminder i got most parts new from my buddy Shannon):

*used 130k 5.4 block. 300$

*CJ Crank with a 4lb pulley. $382 shipped from summitracing

*7 -14cc Manley pistons and Rods that i found used for 400 bucks on the FB lightning pages and 1 new one from JEGS for 82$


*King power adder Bearings and Manley rings. OEM main bolts and head bolts.

*will get Tuned with water meth should knock down some heat and boost pressure. 

*New stock Romeo 8 thread heads for 300$ off craigslist

*Comp 268 cams, upgraded springs and retainers for 475$  timed straight up Dot to Dot. i verified with comp. 

*dis-assembly, machining, cleaning, assembly for 1600 from magnum machining. 

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$5500 for an L is a great deal, whether it needs motor work or not! Very jealous, I love those trucks and that one is exactly the right color to boot.


This. This. This.  So jealous of such a good looking truck!

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Send the eaton to joker!!!!!!

I love my lightning. Just sold my 03 HD:( but i needed a diesel and the lightning is built harley was stock.

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i've been talking to joker. Only real difference he said would be the outlet. i for one am skeptical  about filling the silencer holes for the sake of whine. 

I think you need to have some custom fender and tailgate badges made that say "L-Diddly" in Lightning font, lol.

i was thinking the License plate for laughs. 

the clear coat is flaking. i think a good buffing and send somewhere to shoot clear coat should be cheap.

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Great progress so far!  I've always wanted a lightning.  Preferably in Sonic Blue.  But I'd take white or black.  Or repaint like Chrome Illusion like Rodney from Mustang Week did his so so many years ago.




What about getting the adapter plate to allow a GT500 M122 to be used?  

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Through Ebay and Lightning Force Performance, i got 2 walbro 255 pumps for 120 or so. i found a NOS lightning fuel hat w/ stock pumps for 62. my plans are to sell the stock pumps and use the 255s. i'll wire them in 10 gauge wiring. its a return style system thank goodness. so i'll buy older 97 fuel rails from a junk yard so i can use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. i had plans on using aeromotive rails but i sold them to my buddy. 

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i tightened the torque converter nuts. i used ARP 12 points. They were cheap from Summit. 3/8-24. they were less than 2$ but are stronger than stock TC nuts. i got the driveshaft back in. im finishing up exhaust and running all the hoses. if i had 6 more hours of daylight, it would have been done. im towing it back to md this weekend so i can finish it when i like.  i've sold the Bronco to my nephew as a first vehicle. 

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Nice find!  There is a guy where im from that has a black one that went through a tornado a few years ago.  The only thing wrong with it was the glass was blown out.  He has it sitting in his garage with a tarp over the cab.  I stopped and talked to him about it and i think every time I stop he is closer and closer to letting it go.  Hopefully one of these days he will let it go.  

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9 hours ago, SniveTroll said:

i havent done much with it lately. i've been busy with the wife's doctors appointments. My son is ready to come soon. I also have been porting lightning throttlebodies. 

Congratulations!  Good luck with everything.

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E4OD, 4R100 and 5R100 share same properties.

As it sat yesterday at the top and bottom i change a few things to tidy up. I dont want any chance of kinked hoses. I also became an artist of zipties at strategic areas. I cut alot of useless zipties from the previous owner. Note: finding a good vacuum diagram for this truck is tedious. Most remove boost bypass and EGR. I wanted a stock performing truck. 



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a month ago i made my own oil seperator.



its hidden out of the way. 



i shortened the IAC hose. i didnt like the last path too close to the belt. 



i installed a fluid filled pressure gauge from the bronco before i sold it. 



i have to clean the bay once im done. i used a lot of anti-seize. i hate rusty bolts. 

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I rerouted the harness. I moved it forward of the upper a-arm tower and Adel clamped to the ac drier. i am going to rewrap the harness with new heat blanket and tape tomorrow. I also will be installing a new terminal and wiring in a power inverter. 





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datalog and clean up the tune. install trans oil cooler. im installing an Alpine CDE-HD148BT and installing some gauges. after that it is to get it registered. i dont plan to go fast in it. i just want to drive it. 

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Metra 70-1771 Radio Wiring Harness for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda 1998-Up into Car, 16 Pin..

this was an awesome harness. it was already color coded. it took about 30 minutes to solder and shrink wrap connections. if i decide to sell it with a factory stereo i can simply unplug it. every other used vehicle has been a birds nest of wiring in the audio department. 

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