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What pads do you run?

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Tampax? Maypax? haha just kidding, brake pads! Looking to get a good street pad to match my new cobra brakes! I want something that is low dusting but idk if that is something that I can be picky with and still have it be a good pad? I know iRoush said porterfield or hawk but which of each is best for street driving?

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OEM Cobra calipers

OEM Cobra rotors

Replacement pads


Russell Performance SS brake flex-lines

Raybestos R-300 Brake Rotors

Porterfield R4-S Brake Pads

AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid

Speedbleeders (SB1010S)

From conversations with Brett (iRoush), the rotor/pad combo is supposedly amazing plus it's a lot cheaper than other setups. Hopefully Brett can step in with actual data.

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I had Hawk HPS pads before. I went to those after stock pads. The Hawks stopped really well and were very quiet. But they dusted quite a bit. I'm currently running Brembo Sports. They don't stop as well as the Hawks, but they don't dust near as bad. Next time around I'm getting Hawks and will just clean the rims more.

Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk

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