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4.6l 2v head pics

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This is a set of ported 5.4 truck heads..

IMG_0602-D.jpgI blew open the seats 3mm and added .020 to the valve size...

IMG_1273-D.jpgIMG_1272-D.jpgI ported the heads "to the moon" and will have the car tuned in a few weeks so we will see what kind of RPM I can get.

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I cut .070 decking the head. I have only driven the new engine 100 miles so far and the car is in the body shop for the last 10 days! I am getting the "squareness" checked after all the welding I did to stiffen the chassis. The engine revs nice but I have not really beat on it yet... tuner told me to play nice till he gets his shot at the car. Here is the before numbers of the car on the chassis rack, best thing I ever did to find out how screwed up things were after 20 years...


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