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So I have been posting some progress on my 94 DFG convertible on the other SN pages, and as a new member figured I would share my project here as well.


Long story short I picked up the car in the beginning of 2013 and have been tinkering with it ever since. It has gone through a lot of changes and I am currently rebuilding it after finding that the mains were toast on my 170 ish thousand mile short block. Last fall I pulled the motor and sent it off to Competition Engines in Eagan, MN. for a rebuild. Engine details are as follows:


- DSS 347 rotating assembly

  - DSS GSX forged pistons (flat top with the split reliefs that are -6cc total volume)

  - Clevite bearings

  - RPM forged rods

  - Eagle cast crank

  - Comp custom cam ( duration at .050 230I 236E and .544I and .555E gross valve lift)

  - TFS push rods

  - All ARP hardware

  - 28oz motor with SFI flex plate and balancer

  - RHS 180cc aluminum heads with 2.02I and 1.60E valves


Sure I am missing something but that is the gist of it on the motor side.


For the entire dizzying amount of me not being able to make up my mind please see this post at that other forum:




So fast forward to now and I was able to get the motor dropped in this week, along with the new converter. The car is an AODE with a Trans Go shift kit, and picked up an FTI 2800 stall converter to accommodate the new cam. Here is the most recent things I have started with on the exhaust side, and the EDIS ignition that I'm working on configuring for the car:



So some motor progress this week and a little experiment that seems like it is going to work on the exhaust side.

Engine in after fighting with it to get the converter lined up and notching the K member to allow for clearance on this rather large oil pan:


Love this pic, just looked cool!


So after I got the motor in I got the other part of this experiment going. So for a while I have been trying to figure out what I was going to do for exhaust. I decided for sure I am going to do a front exit exhaust because fun, and have been researching different options that for the most part were going to be extremely complicated, and in the same token very expensive. I was over at my neighbors about 2 months ago and he is building a C10 pro street truck. He had an LQ4 sitting in the garage and I was staring at it (after a lot of beer) and had a thought. I got out the measure tape and some paper and started to take notes. After some tinkering I realized that the port spacing was identical to a Windsor. I also realized that after some more measuring that the outer bolts were within a 1/16" of the Dart bolt pattern on my heads.

So rather than continuing to talk............here is where I ended up at!


LS 1 3/4" headers fit (with some drilling) on RHS heads, or any head with the wide Dart pattern.




I have to so some grinding and minor fitting to clear a couple of plugs but after that they will bolt right on. Yes in case anyone was wondering I nave a couple of screws loose, but this to me is hot rodding. Im moving the radiator forward and down a bit also so there will be plenty of room for the exhaust in the front though there wont be a lot of exhaust regardless.

Headers are Holley Flowtech 1 3/4" with 3" v-band collector forward up or down headers. I tried them in the down position and they hit the motor mounts and I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to leave them in boat mode of try to switch to solid engine mounts and see if they will mount low. They are 304 stainless, not too badly build (not Burns Stainless quality obviously, but not bad) and flanges are pretty thick. They even have the conical transitions into the collector cavity:











So, this is where she sits thus far. My plan was at one point to do a street/drag car but I am not 100% sure what way I'm going to go anymore. It may end up being more of a pro-touring type set up. Regardless I enjoy, as you can see, doing something different because it requires learning and application and I'm always open to thoughts or constructive criticism so feel free to throw it my way!

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