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Last Saturday (2-29-20) William came by the house to retrieve his laptop. He elected to make the two hour trip on his beautiful HD Street Glide. Bike had a cool backstory and I really liked it. Later that day, I was sitting around thinking about bikes and began wondering what I’d want in a bike. I want something reasonably quick that handled good and was lightweight. Naturally, this brought sport bikes to mind. Crotch rockets, cool. So, now what? Research bikes and discuss then with others who know bikes better. 

Sunday, I started discussing bikes with several forum members who have bikes and they lent me their perspective on my endless amount of dumb questions. Well, my local friend Shelby saw a post I made on facebitch and hit me up to ask if I wanted one for cheap. 

Here we go...

Tuesday, we talked it over and a quick deal was made. I’m trading a rifle for a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R600 K6 this coming Saturday. It has a little over 11k mikes, some cosmetic issues from a minor accident and needs a few other items addressed.









This escalated quickly.

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Found the SET cables disconnected. Trace them to the tail section and they’re disconnected there too. This may explain the FI code

Yep. That ain’t gonna work like that.


Removed the remaining fairings and removed a craptastically installed toggle switch that was just dangling in there. It was for the fan and it had to go. Fan runs just fine without




Took this HID kit out and removed the mirror delete lights. Pulled the upper fairing and headlight too.

The air filter wasn’t too dirty but it’s getting replaced soon.


Some jackass cut the rear valve stem off but this will also be addressed soon enough.



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Doesn’t seem like this bike was ridden much and mostly upright.



A little bit of elbow grease and some simple green cleaned the frame right up. This is going to eventually be a clean bike.




Round one complete

Both wheels had dents in them so I ordered a new set along with a set of Dunlop Q3’s. Also ordered new oem replacement smoked turn signal mirrors, a Vortex chain/sprocket kit, new headlight bulbs and that’s it for the first round of new parts.

For now.

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Swapped out the gas cap and rear lock cylinder with new ones to match the ignition key.



I’m at a standstill until parts arrive in the mail.




I’m adding a “servo buddy” to the list of parts to buy since I removed the seized SET motor.

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I have an assortment of parts on hand but no time to work on the bike!

New mirrors 




Tires and wheels






520 conversion (chain and sprocket kit)

image.jpegYoshimura TRC slip on exhaust





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Shoei X-twelve helmet and alpinestars gloves to start my gear collection..









New bike stands to facilitate the upcoming work day.



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Picked up even more safety gear, a yoshimura mid-pipe, a servo buddy, some oil, a chain rivet tool set and a fresh battery.



Changed the oil, installed the exhaust, removed the old rear wheel/tire and tore things down to change the chain. Decided to drop off the “new” rear wheel to have the bearings installed instead of fighting with it.




Looks like I’ll have to spend some time cleaning this up.



When I reached today’s stopping point, I put the upper fairing back on because I was bored





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Spent some time after work installing the new chain/sprocket kit, rear pads, the new Dunlop tire on the fresh wheel with new bearings.











Tackled the front Tuesday! Just need to torque the front sprocket, my buddies torque wrench only goes to 75 fl-lbs. image.gif All that’s left is to put the engine cover back on, replace the rear brake lever and put the fairings on.







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Swapped the front tire around, made another pass with the torque wrench, replaced the rear brake lever and buttoned up the rest. My buddy rode it around the block to listen/feel for anything out of sorts. After he said felt it was ok, he took it to the store for some more fresh fuel.
Had about enough of standing on the sidelines and decided to try to walk the bike. Made it about 10-15 feet, picked my feet up and slowly rode it around his subdivision in first gear and I made a few turns at speeds between 10-15 mph. Mainly wanted to try my hand at pushing the handle bars to turn. Just like a bicycle, with a mean streak. Cracked the throttle a little and whoa... The way it just plants and goes is surreal to me. I’m looking forward to a fun future with my gixxer!
I have officially popped my motorcycle cherry
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Just now, ttocs said:

wait this is your first bike?  I ask because you said you were pushing the handlebars to turn - you understand that will change when you get up to speed right?

Why, yes. Yes I do.

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6 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

That’s what I was thinking but you know I’ll never let you live it down for going back to a pushrod!!!!! emoji1787.png

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I would happily accept it 😆😆

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