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I'm on hiatus for a while..

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Sorry guys had to sell more stuff from the stang including my built transmission, I'm picking up another and building it on my own this time, I will make a full write up with picks of the complete trans build, just as I will the new rear end..

But the reason I'm on hiatus is my mom is fighting pancreatic cancer and I'm trying to help any way possible..

I'm sure you all will understand.. I will be in from time to time, but in my free time while she sleeps or I'm on work break I've been learning more about building a trans from scratch.. I'll most likely grab a stock unit to move the car around from time to time in the garage and build a 98+ v6 4r70w...

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Do what you need to do man. Like we've said before, family life takes priority over online friends. Do what needs to be done and if you need some support, you know we'll be here for yah brotha! :dog:

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