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All cleaned up!! Pics inside.

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Thanks guys. I do need a spacer but I have to roll the rear fender lip first, as for the camera I use my iPhone 4 so it is what it is. The head lights Im thinking of doing the night shade stuff on the old headlights to see if I like it.

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Ok, well the iPhone definitely changes that comment then. Not knocking you I just am eager to see your car in a better exposed picture is all. But I completely understand.

The car look amazing regardless if you get a spacer or not.

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hey alex be careful with the nightshades. unless you go multiple coats and pretty dark, it can cast off a green/blue hue. like when ya look at it you will see greenish instead of just smoked or tinted black. at least thats what i dealt with. i had to do multiple coats to get it smoked black but it was like blacked the hell out, lol.

this is the case with clear lenses. doesnt do it on red (tailights...etc)

by the time you get the greenish hue to go away you will be pretty dark. almost blacked out.

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Its ok, mine had a 50 foot paint job on it before haha! I am hoping to have it back next week, since it is getting redone now :D


We have a pretty big show coming up in orlando on the 16th of feb. would be awesome if you could make it out. if you want more info, shoot me a PM

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