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Windows 8 vs windows 7?

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Im still holding off. Not one to be an early adopter but theres a view for it that looks very much like windows 7. For the full experience youll want a touchscreen monitor.

Misspelled while on the crapper via my Droid Razr

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<3 i think we might have one that is windows 98 hahahha

I still have a running 486 with winders 3.1 or 98 on it .

Has anyone gotten the update from 7 to 8? What changes were made and is it any better? I am thinking about grabbing the update since its only 30$ but not sure if its worth it.

My thoughts : Id rather use Ubuntu and crossover linux for winders apps ....

Just from what I have seen online; Windows 8 looks very different.

It is very different ..... There again Winders went for the tablet feel ......

I think i might grab it just to see whats different my big thing is the apps i like that idea. But i have to use it before i make the switch.

Tell us what you think ...... I would prefer running windows 3.1 or Dos 6.2 over Winders 8 if Linux wasn't a option .......

Has anyone seen Winders Server 2012 ? Looks just like Winders 8 ..........

- Slick

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Have 7 on all my machines except the old Pentium IV Thoroughbred processor in the garage, that's on XP lol. I will not upgrade to 8, tried it, didn't like it, reviews have been horrible. I'll run with 7 for as long as its viable and then take another good hard look at Linux. I grabbed the el cheapo upgrade to 8 just to have it because the wife will probably need it at some point.

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I bought a new laptop, because the other one I fell will be on life support very soon. Windows 8 takes a little getting used to.I am a basic user type person so although it looks different once you get into it it does not seem a whole lot different. I went with one of the least expensive laptops I could find. It is a Toshiba. It only has 2 G of ram that I will upgrade to either 4 or 8.It also only has a 365G hard drive, but that does not concern me, as I save all of my graphics to one of my 1T external hard drives, so why spend extra money on a larger hard drive. I have not tried using any of the apps programs on the new laptop yet.


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^ how much did you pick up that external harddrive for? Im thinking of getting one to store all mine as well. But as far as windows 8 is concerned i have decided that windows 7 is perfect for what i need it to do so i will not be upgrading unless windows 8 gets a service pack that makes it worth while (i dont really like the interface but as you said it would take some getting used to i guess)

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I don't remember what I paid for the external hard drives, I want to think it was about $125. I really liked windows 7, the only reason I bought a new laptop was the cooling fan in my old laptop crapped out and it was having trouble running the graphics program I was using for the decal stuff. One get passed the goofy start up screen it has the appearance of a traditional windows setting. There is now start menu in the lower left hand corner like on previous editions, you have to put your cursor on the right edge of the screen and it will bring up ghost icons for the apps menu, settings, devices. It is just a little different, but I am getting more used to it every day. I am going to order more memory for the new laptop though as graphics programs are hogs


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