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What wax to use for a hand wax/buff job?

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Hey guys, my car is in need of a wax as the previous wax is no longer causing water to bead. But the car still retains an impressive reflection/shine as is :) Previously I used Griots Garage car care wax and sealant. I didn't use the polish.

I want to try something else though. I don't like any of the off the shelf wal mart stuff, been there done that in the past. I've seen great reviews on Obsessive details Deep Reflection paste wax. I'm kind of wanting to try that stuff.

I'm doing the job all by hand using microfiber towels, with a California Gold wash. I don't have any of the fancy equipment.

The car does not need a clay bar as the paint is still very smooth after a wash. The car does not have swirling, but has like 3 tiny scratches that can't be felt by touch.

Any recommendations? Do I need to use a polisher? If so does it go polish than wax? (pretty sure that's correct lol).

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god dude there is o many waxes and polishing compounds out there it's hard to say what the best would be, lol. i can only tell you what works best for me :)

as far as scratches that you say cant be felt...i can use this stuff


to remove any FINE scratches. if it is any worse then i gotta use wetsanding, rubbing compound, polishing compound, swirl remover, wax and seal.

i use that stuff all the time by hand. i have actually wetsanded with 2000-3000 in a small area if my trunk. the simply by hand applied ultimate compound, then polishing compound..wax & seal and had perfect results :)

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I have so many damn wax's now that I just need to give some bottles away. Mostly bought as gifts. Most recently Ive used Mothers carnauba wax and I do like that. Ive thought of using something from Griots Garage or Chemical guys even though morally I find it hard to buy from CG.

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Griot's is overrated imo

For hand-waxing, if your options are whatever the parts store has, I've always favored Meguiar's for ease of use and durability. (Exception for NXT on durability but the shine is awesome) When $ was tight, I sold my Porter-Cable, but the 10" random orbital is good enough.

Honestly, I've found this: If you're making a career of it, certainly you want the best there is. If your car is a daily, don't go nuts because it'll be dirty in a half-hour, anyway. If it's a show car- go back to the career idea. The options you'd find in say an Advance, O'Reilly's, whatever are more than enough.

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